Thwarting the Info Gathering That Companies Are Engaging in Online

I have been getting concerned with the sheer amount of web tracking that is being done on all of us. I first started to take notice when I saw ads popping up on web pages telling me to try out these places where I live. They had ads for places really close to me. That means my IP address was giving them information as to where I was at. Now I did not have GPS enabled to give away my exact location, but they could tell by my IP a general location. I went to to look into using a virtual private network (VPN).

Have you ever looked at the terms of service for web pages, software (apps) and other things you see online? Some of them are longer than a book. However, contained inside all of that fine print is information on what companies are doing to track everything about you. One search engine is now paying people to answer survey questions. What are the questions about? Well, they are all about you and your preferences.