Started Working on a New Site

Mark and I have started planning a new site and working on trying to get it live before the holidays. It is a niche site which is going to deal in hobbies and we need to move on this. Obviously this is exactly the sort of thing that people would buy for stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, so we need to get the site up and working. I have found a Site5 coupon for a hosting service and we think that is a good hosting service. It is not going to be too big of a deal we do not think, because it is not likely that the site is going to see really super heavy activity. Continue reading “Started Working on a New Site”

I Guess I Have Won the Girlfriend Lottery

When I started dating this girl I did not really think she was any different fom the other girls I knew and she did not act differently. She did not dress like Paris Hilton or act like a snobby rich girl. At any rate it turns out that her Dad owns this huge agricultural enterprise, I guess you could call it a farm, but it is more of a factory for producing pork. She has one of those luxury apartments in Columbia SC. It has all sorts of amenities and I love the fact that there is a gym. Of course when she asked me if I wanted to move in with her I thought that meant that she wanted to have me move in and share the rent and the cable bill and the bill for the Internet. Continue reading “I Guess I Have Won the Girlfriend Lottery”

I Never Imagined Putting Together a Party for My Girls

Birthday Party InvitationMy wife had planned to have a really nice birthday party for our twin daughters this year. The girls had been talking about it with their mom for many months. I usually do not pay attention to these types of plans, but I could certainly hear the three of them talking about excitedly while planning on many occasions. I simply knew very little about things like themes, kids party invitations and all the other things that take place with parties for young people. While I was happy for my girls, I decided to let them do all the talking and planning.

We got a call last summer about my wife’s mother breaking her hip. My wife rushed out to be with her, but she soon realized that because her mom lives alone, she would need to stay there awhile to help her mother out around the house. Continue reading “I Never Imagined Putting Together a Party for My Girls”