Started Moving in to the New Office

The boss sent me over to this little warehouse today. Apparently it was full of stuff that belonged to another company which had gone under. There was a guy there waiting and he showed me all of the stuff the boss had bought. It was obvious that he had been shopping for discounts. There was a very nice top water cooler and dispenser, it was brand new and had never been used. However the rest of the stuff was in pretty poor shape. There was an enormous antique desk, which probably would have been work a fortune if it had been in great condition. This thing was enormous and it was all in one piece. Continue reading “Started Moving in to the New Office”

Started Looking for a Good Birthday Gift

I was trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. Of course he cares more about his car than anything, so I was thinking that I could look around and try to find the best skillet in 2015. He has a little shop vacuum that he uses now, but it is hard to get around and of course he likes to keep his car pretty close to spotless. If some person gets in his car you can tell that he’s looking to see if they dragged a bunch of dirt in to the car with them some time. Continue reading “Started Looking for a Good Birthday Gift”