Finally Found Real Pet Friendly Dallas Apartments

Pet friendly places should be easier to find. So many people have dogs and cats now. Many families have more than one of each. I was just out of college and looking to move out of the apartment over the garage of my parent’s home in the suburbs. I was searching for Dallas apartments that would allow me to bring my big dog with me. I have a full-blooded Mastiff. She is almost 200 pounds. We are about the same weight actually. Many places will allow you to have a dog, but they have a weight limit of only about 20 pounds or so.

My dog is friendly and quiet. She does not bark, and she is very kind. She absolutely loves to be around kids. She likes to play, but she is big and scares people because of her size. That is, until they get to know her. We go for lots of walks every day. She is my buddy, and I could not leave her behind with my parents even though they want to keep her. I work from my computer at home for an online firm. I make decent money, and I do not have to leave for hours at a time. I actually like to work outdoors at a local park, and I take my dog with me. She hangs out under the shady trees at the picnic table with me and my computer.

Finding Dallas apartments that would take us both was a worry for me. However, after finding a website about apartments that seemed to be specifically for younger people and their families, I found our new home. It is pet friendly, and they welcome me and my dog. She is actually a celebrity at the apartments now. I have no problem finding a babysitter when I have to be gone for any length of time.

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