Found a Little Place at the Beach

Found a little place at the beach, although it would be too much for me to manage by own. In my last place I had to check out the fine print on the electric company rates to make sure that I had enough money to pay the power bill every month. It is not so tough to figure that out in the long haul, as you can be sure that we need to do things so that we can use the power wisely. This is a three bedroom house with a huge deck out on the beach near Corpus Cristi. It is not example Spring Break central, but there are a lot of good looking girls in bikinis out on the beach. In fact this is going to save me money, because I was renting a one bedroom apartment on the far side of town which was about twenty minutes away from work. This is less than half as far to the office and we are splitting the expense three ways.

Ian and Billy came up with the idea. The two of them had been sharing a place, but they figured that they were getting a raw deal and they started to work at finding a place where they could go to the office very easily and live near the beach. Of course this is not the most beautiful house in the world. It is in need of a good bit of work, but we do not own the place. We could not have afforded to rent the place if it had been perfect. In fact I suspect that the landlord is a bit too lazy to do the little bit of work that he would need to do if he really wanted to maximize the potential to earn rent on it.

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