Hoisting the Flag of Digital Freedom

We all know that torrenting is one of the most fundamental methods to downloading content. The problem with torrenting is that it has long been haunted by the spector of Pirate Bay, Napster and other third party torrenting tools which have been used to download everything from books to movies to the latest albums. While this can be certainly illegal there is nothing wrong with utilizing torrenting by itself – it is the most likely method to download large sized files quickly. Even Blizzard, a gaming company famous for the likes of World of Warcraft, has resorted to this method when updating their games.

It wasn’t very long ago that we saw TPB being shut down once again in a meager effort by multi-national corporations placing pressure on the local government to bring them to heel. For some time now TPB has served as both the digital and the physical foundation for the progression of freedom on the World Wide Web. Despite being founded on a platform that has been known to be associated with stealing digital content, it hasn’t stopped them from creating a legit political party that has been voted into office multiple times. They now actually hold political clout when it comes to dictating and creating policy.

Still. This hasn’t stopped multi-national corporations from doing everything that they can to place pressure on TPB and have it shut down. This latest shut down is just one in a long string of shut downs. I have no doubt that this msot recent reincarnation will see the return of a more permanent PB. Without a doubt they continue to hoist the flag of freedom for the Internet, even if it means that the freedom has to be associated with actual piracy, but I believe that it’s important for them to continue existing.

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