I’m Passionate About Stained Glass

There aren’t many people who have a love of stained glass like I do. Even my wife, who generally likes it, think I’m a bit to obsessed with it. I wanted to change all of the windows in our home to stained glass, but she wouldn’t go along with it. We came to a compromise and she agreed to having the shower door turned into a stained glass door. A company that makes custom glass in Somerset County, NJ provided us with a wonderful stained glass door. It looks like I’m in the middle of a church whenever I take a shower.

My infatuation with stained glass started when I was a kid. My parents would take me to church, and I was always on the verge of falling asleep. In order to stay awake, I would look at the glass in the windows. I stared at the glass so long that I started to admire its beauty. I asked my parents if we could get stained glass windows just like the church, but they said no. The best they could do was give me a piece of stained glass in a small wooden frame. I still treasure that glass frame and have it sitting on my desk.

Now that I’m an adult, when I go to church, I can stay awake on my own without the help of the stained glass. I still take a second or two to glance over at the glass while the sermon is being given, but no one notices that I’m doing it. I even told the pastor how much I liked the windows of the church. We had a 15 minute conversation about nothing but stained glass. I think I was beginning to bore him, and at one point he was just nodding and smiling.

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