Looking for a House to Buy

Kate and I have been saving our money for a long time and we have been looking for a house that is in our price range. We found a place that was a bit too good to be true and of course there was a pretty big problem. The guy who owned the place was not all that eager to explain it at first, but then he realized that we were going to bring in a house inspector. He told us that he had had to call in a company that did termite removal in New York City to get rid of a really serious termite infestation. I was dressed in fairly nice clothes at the time, so I was not too enthused about crawling under the house. However I could tell from what he told me that the pests had done a really significant amount of damage to the house. When I had the inspection done the guy brought back pictures. It was obvious that a good bit of the subflooring would have to be replaced, especially under the bath tub. Obviously when you fill a tub with water and a person you are putting a good deal of load on the structure and if the structure has been eaten up by bugs, it is not really going to hold up to that load for an indefinite timespan. It took a little while for me to get a quote on how much it would cost to have it fixed. Obviously I was not going to buy the house without knowing for certain how much it would cost to get the problem fixed. It was obvious that it was going to be expensive, but the location of the place was close to ideal for both of us and we decided to see what it would entail.

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