The First Live Fight Night

I am a big boxing fan, but nothing kills my love of boxing more than having to pay high prices to watch the fights over my satellite connection. I don’t even watch the pay per view fights, I just wait for them to come on the movie channels. Even though this saves me a little money, the prices for the movie channels are still pretty high on satellite. The prices for Qwest compared to Direct TV were much lower than I expected them to be when I started looking around for a replacement to my satellite service.

I did some thinking, and decided that it was best for me to part ways with the satellite provider before the next big fight. I contacted Qwest and signed up with their service, but there was something that I didn’t expect. Because I was a new customer, I was given a credit of $50 that I could use for any purpose. I thought about using it to rent some movies, but then I thought of a better idea. Rather than waiting to watch the next fight on the movie channels, I could use the credit to watch the fight live from pay per view.

To celebrate this viewing of the fight, I invited my friends over to watch it with me. I told them all to bring as many snacks as they could, because the fight card for this fight was going to be pretty long. One friend brought a few pizzas, and another one brought some beers. He always brings the craft beers because he doesn’t think the corporate beers are good enough. One friend brought his popcorn popper, with a giant tub of popcorn kernels and some butter. I was glad that everyone brought so much, but I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning up.

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