The Next Chapter in Our Lives

When my husband told me he wanted a divorce, it really did not surprise me. He had been pulling away from me as well as our children for close to a year, and I honestly wasn’t sure why. I did ask him why he was leaving us, and he said that he just fell out of love. I figured it had to do with a lot more than that, but I didn’t try to convince him to stay. What I did do was go online so I could start researching the best family law attorney in Atlanta.

Even though he had been neglecting our three children as well, I still wanted to make sure that I retained full custody of them. I had no idea why he was leaving, which meant I had no idea what he was going to do next. My only priority was making sure that our children were okay. The only way to do that was by getting the best attorney that I could. Those kids mean more to me than anything else in this world, and I wanted the best to make sure that they did not get hurt any more than what they already were.

I was able to find a great attorney, but I did not make that determination just from an online search. While their website was good, I wanted a meeting in person to make sure they were worthy to take on such a valuable cause, which are my children. I was impressed from the moment I stepped into the law office for my first meeting, and I stayed impressed all the way through the divorce proceedings. Not only do I retain full custody of the children, but I also have the house and a nice settlement as well. We are ready for this next chapter in our lives!

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