What is a Good Interest Rate on This Sort of Loan?

I am not desperate for one of those pay day loan type of deals, but I need to borrow something around a thousand dollars for a couple of months. I am actually thinking about one of those places that has online cash in advance. Of course this place wants you to fill out an application for a loan, but they do not tell you what the terms are, that I can tell at least. Obviously I do not know if I want to borrow money from this place unless they explain to me what the deal is. In fact I want to sit down and read the fine print. I am sure that after you fill out the application they will tell you what the deal is about, but I would like to know if I would find it an attractive offer before I take the time to fill it out.

Of course I would not use a real email address if I did fill out the form and I am not sure I want to be giving out a lot of information randomly on the internet. I really worry about identity theft, because it is bad enough if I borrow money at a rate that may or may not be high. It is best not to be telling every person about what you are and all of that sort of thing. I obviously would not be giving out the stuff that really lets you know too much about me. If a thief has your social security number they can do all sorts of things with it. In fact it seems awfully odd that the one number is all that important in our society. In the future I am sure they will invent something which is a lot better than that.

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